Lyfe of Ipomydon

General Information

(N)IMEV: 2142
Form: Couplets
Date of Composition: Fifteenth century
Place of Composition: East Midlands

Plot Summary

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London, British Library, MS Harley 2252 (folio: 54r-84r)Early 16th century, London. Unique manuscript copy. 2346 lines.

Early Editions

1522. London : Wynkyn de Worde. STC (2nd ed.), 5732.5. Fragment. 3 leaves. London, British Library.
1527. London : Wynkyn de Worde. STC (2nd ed.), 5733. 38 leaves. Lacks opening. London, British Library.

Modern Editions

E. Kölbing, ed., Ipomedon in drei Englischen Bearbeitungen (Breslau, 1889Edited from Harley 2252.
Henry Weber, ed., Metrical Romances of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Centuries, 3 vols (Edinburgh: George Ramsay and Company, 1810)Vol. 2. Pp. 279-366. Edited from Harley 2252.
Tadahiro Ikegami, ed., The Lyfe of Ipomydon, 2 vols. (Tokyo, 1983)Edited from Harley 2252.


Anglo-Norman Ipomedon by Hue de Rotelande