General Information

(N)IMEV: *586.5
Form: 8-line tail-rhyme stanza, rhyming ababbcbc
Date of Composition: Fifteenth century
Place of Composition: Uncertain
Keywords: Conquest, Familial Discord, Friendship, Hunting, Military Combat, Secular Spaces, Siege, Tournament

Plot Summary

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Cassamus takes counsel with Ydor and Betis, charging them to take good care of their prisoner (Bawdrayn), and to acquaint him with the beautiful Edee. His lords and ladies, including the prisoner, hold a mock parliament, flirting, teasing and debating the nature of love in courtly language. The lords swear to do well in the forthcoming tournament with their enemy Clarus; the ladies swear to reward them. They spend the day in pleasant talk and games, but Clarus has had a day of battle and slaughter, thanks to Cassamus, who although old is a fierce warrior. Clarus refuses to rescue his cousin Bawdrayn, claiming justly that he is well-treated and enjoying himself. His lords, however, say he is wrong. He has need of his friends, since Alexander is coming to rescue the city and its ladies. The four sons of Clarus return from hunting.


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Cambridge University Library, MS Ff.1.6 (Findern) (folio: 166r-177v)c. 1446-1550, Findern, Derbyshire. Unique copy. 566 lines.

Modern Editions

K. Rosskopf, ed., Editio Princeps des mittelenglischen Cassamus (Alexander-Fragmentes) der Universitätsbibliothek Cambridge (Diss., München, 1911)

Edited from MS Ff.1.6.

Available online at:


Les Voeux de Paon by Jacques de Longuyon, c. 1312